Frequently Asked Questions

I-InTERACT-North usually takes 7 to 14 weeks depending on whether you want to meet with your therapist every week or every second week. We recommend not waiting longer than 2 weeks between coaching sessions.

The online format allows for flexibility with your family’s unique schedule. Therapists offer appointments during the day, evenings and even on weekends!

You will meet with the therapist for one hour online after you complete each I-InTERACT-North educational session. For example, after you complete educational session 1 you will meet with your therapist to review and practice the skills discussed in this session. You will then review educational session 2 and meet with your therapist to discuss and practice these skills etc.

If there are two parents in the home then we strongly encourage both parents to participate. However, we understand it is often difficult to manage schedules. You and your therapist will discuss what will work best for your family during your first videoconference session.

We ask that your child be present for 10 to 15 minutes in each coaching session (usually towards the end of the session) to allow time for you to practice the new skills and get feedback from your therapist.

I-InTERACT-North is an online parenting skills training program that helps parents develop positive parenting skills to improve parenting competence and child behaviour. To learn more please go to the “About I-InTERACT-North” page.

Parenting confidence, parenting skill and child behaviour have all been shown to significantly improve over the course of the intervention. Parents also report high satisfaction with the program’s flexibility and a positive impact for their children and themselves.

Once you’ve completed the entire program, you will still have access to the I-InTERACT-North modules.

If you experience any technical difficulties, contact your therapist and/or the web team at

“Don’t be intimidated. It’s going to take time; it’s going to take up time in your life but a time that you will not regret. It’s not a waste. It’s worth doing because you’ll see changes and it will be helpful.”
~Parent of a 3-year-old with history of Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE)

“It’s totally worth it to commit to the seven modules and to do it together. My biggest recommendation I think would be to have a partner in it.”
~Parent of a 3-year-old with history of Stroke

It’s not just 5 minutes a day, it’s a lot of work, but it is very worth it and you’re going to learn things about yourself and about your partner and how to work together. It’s going to be helpful for your child and that’s the most important thing.
~Parent of a 5-year-old with history of HIE and Stroke

Don’t expect results on the first day. Everything takes a little bit of time, you will get frustrated at first but take your time with it and if you apply it properly you will see changes in time. It’s not a tomorrow you’ll see a difference, over the weeks you see a difference.
~Parent of a 6-year-old with history of Stroke

Take it one day at a time and give everything a chance. Try everything, every single step, make the time for the 5 mins, sticking with it even if it seems like nothing is happening at first.
~Parent of a 6-year-old with history of Congenital heart disease (CHD)